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By Monica

which blush is the best?Let's see the 3 effective blush review!


Bare Escentuals First Class

Review by omegakitty: this is the first blush, ive purchased from BE. i would use warmth religiously but decided i needed something new. im a converted blush lover now after this. it has just a tad of shimmer but if applied correctly looks wonderful :)
i would buy this again, however it takes forever to run out of BE supplies

Review by IiIy: love this! best blush i hv ever used, i tried a lot of the drugstore brands n didnt like it as much....i got this as part of the be real gift package my sister got me for Christmas!
i am very impressed with the colour, so natural, and makes me skin look so dewy and fresh! it shows up really well in pictures too! a little goes a long way as the colour shows up more than other blush out there!
Absolutely love it!

Review by peachy905: Pretty color, but it was too easy to over-do it on my fair skin.

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Estee Lauder Blushlights Berrylight

Review by franjipany: I can't believe that I didn't write a review about this one so far! Well I have this in a limited edition palette and I totally love it. I'm a blusher fanatic and I tried hundreds so far.If I ever need to make a 'top 10 blush' list,this would be there.The quality of this product speaks for itself but I must tell you that the texture is wonderful,almost mousse-like, to blend.It look really natural yet pretty rather than to look like you have blemishes on your face as some cream blushes might leave that effect!It has a soft,pleasant smell.I agree the price is high but it's worth it.Even so,it can't be a reason to cut lippies from such an adorable product.If it's high,you can always go and buy on ebay.

Review by Newme: Love this blush. Goes on like a cream, dries to a powdery finish. The color is a pinky-berry with warm undertones. Really would look good on almost any fair to medium complexion. I have sensitive and oily skin, and have had no problems with breakouts. Looks good all day. Formula is just right -- not too sheer, not too opaque. My favorite blush, and I have quite a collection!

Review by liselise1: Well this shade and product were my first introduction into the world of cream blushes. I never thought I could pull off a cream blush since my skin can have a tendancy to become oily after a few hours. I absolutely adore this shade and formula! It gives me such a healthy glow and is more long lasting on me than most powder blushes (that in itself amazed me the most). It's a matte blush minus the shimmer. I can see myself wearing this shade year round. I apply this blush with the MAC 187 brush and I get beautiful results!

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NARS Douceur

Review by jamelia: I have been using the Blush since its release last year and refuse to put it away. When I first heard about it, it was recommended that dark girls shouldn't purchase because it wouldn't "show up" on our skin. This is so far from the truth that it scares me. I am a NW45 and get compliments on wearing this beautiful rose shade constantly. What I love most about this blush is that it is buildable. I feel just like Orgasm is universal, so is this. I am planning on buying another soon as I just hit pan on my first. Don't be afraird brown girls, this shade is for us too!

Review by i_darling: I hate to bring all the good reviews down further, but I just can't get into this one. I normally love NARS blushes, and just like some of the others I was sucked in by the Limited Edition sticker on the product. My main problem is that I can't get it to show up on my MUFE 118, NC20-30 skin tone. I have to REALLY layer this on! And even then, I wonder if the color is really there on my cheeks, or if it's just my imagination! Don't be in a rush to pick this up (like I was) unless you're super-pale! The only reason I'm giving it three lippies is because I'm sure it would amazing on a much lighter skin tone! It's a slightly pinkish taupe, for those of you who haven't seen the color in person.

Review by munchlaxy: I didn't think I'd purchase this blush due to all the reviews saying it was more for fair skin tones, but I'm a sucker for nars blushes and since this is a limited edition shade I had to get it! Douceur is a pinky brownish blush that has some shimmer in the pan but is not visible once on your skin, this shows up more pink than brown on my skin bit this blush seems like it would take on alot of your skins own under tone so it depends how the color this shows up will depend on your own coloring. On my medium olive skin this shows up as a nice subtle natural pinky/ mauve I plan on wearing it more in the winter when my tan wears off so it will show up better. Overall a beautiful natural blush that provide a nice hint of color. I'm shade #153 in mufe hd and shade Stromboli in Nars sheer glow, I would not recommend this blush to anyone darker than me as it probably won't show up

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