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By Marcella

which is the best hair styling?Let's see the 3 best hair styling !


Unlisted Brand Mixed Chicks - Leave in Conditioner/ Styling Lotion

Review by aml1: I feel a little ambivalent about this. It does a good job of moisturizing my hair and it isn't sticky. I applied a dime size amount as directed to wet hair and left it to air-dry. However, it didn't do much to enhance my curls. It actually weighed my hair down a bit in some areas and stretched the curls too much to my liking. I might try to play with different amounts to see if I can remedy this. I payed almost twenty bucks for this at my local beauty supply. It has a weird scent but doesn't linger at all. It contains a cone and is largely protein based which I like. I will try the deep conditioner to see if I like it. For now I will continue to experiment with this.

Review by oneofmylies99: I am Jamaican, Haitian and Native American and my hair is very thick and curly. Growing up I would see women with similar textured hair and it was just beautiful to me. The only difference between myself and the woman who I would be looking at was their hair looked nice with curls all over, I did not. I have always wore my hair pressed or in a weave. Never natrual. I tried a small amount on my hair and I really liked it! I have to wait until the weekend to do my whole head, so that if I dont like it I can style it as usual.

Review by kimberpoo: The product is overall okay, but the for the price I expected so much more. The product did deliver on its promise of defining curls, however it did cause A LOT of shrinkage in my hair. Also, the product is very inconsistent in its results. Some days my hair looks great and some days not so much. I also did not like the gel feeling of the product once my hair was drying (too hard for my liking). It does have a decent smell to it however and once again made my curls super defined. I think this product works great if your curly hair is longer because the length would add some weight to your hair and won't cause it to shrink so much. Overall, it was a good product but for the price, I think I am going to try something else.

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Ojon Conditioning Finishing Paste

Review by coolRED: I love Ojon products. I just wish they weren't so expensive. I got this in a swap so I can't really complain.
I have baby fine, chin length, colored, wavy hair. I wash daily with a sulfate free S/C. Summer = frizzies/Winter = static. I need something that it help with both w/o weight.
So far, this is working great. I haven't used it in extreme conditions yet so I will need to update later on.
Love the smell. I use a tiny bit for my whole head. Jar will last forever! doesn't weigh my hair down yet gives tons of shine.
So far so good.
*Update* - while I love the conditioning benefits of this, it's not helping at all in the winter static/fly away dept.

Review by Jaie: I was looking for a leave-in conditioner when I happened upon this. I've sampled Ojon products before and liked them so I thought I'd try. I was a little hesitant because of the price, but now that I've used it, I know it'll last me a long time. All I need is a dime sized amount to make my hair soft and frizz-free. I like the smell, it's not overpowering. Most importantly it doesn't leave my hair greasy and there's no left over residue after I shampoo. I'm very happy with my purchase. This product was well worth my 24!

Review by shimmering: So far, this is the only Ojon product that I have not liked. This paste is supposed to create texture, definition and shape, without weighing hair down, or being stickey. Uh...not for me. It completely weighted my hair down and made it look lifeless. Now, I have very fine hair, so perhaps this product was meant for someone with more unruly hair than mine. This paste DID add shine to my over-processed hair, but that is about the only positive benefit I received from this heavy paste. Conditioning Finishing Paste is also meant to help with defining those messy, piecey hair styles, which mine is not. My dislike of this product is most likely the result of me using a product that is all wrong for my hair type and style. If you have thick, coarse hair, or need stong definition to your hair style, this product will probably work very well for you.

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Review by Jennybear: I have short fine hair. This product is HG for me. When I need a shampoo i can use this to get an extra day without one. When i do shampoo a SINGLE spritz gives my hair that slept in look, not flat and lifeless like normal after a shampoo. Instant volume and funky texture. Not sure on the price as i got this as a sample but will certainly get more when the time comes.

Review by Vaniessa: I purchased the original Redken wool shake 08 at Ulta after my hairdresser friend used hers on me. I have a short bob with lots of layers and have never been very good at teasing my hair. I have tried hairspraying my roots before using a teasing brush which worked, but only for a few hours. Let me tell you, this wool shake stuff really works! I part my hair in sections to be teased and spray some wool shake at the roots before teasing. Wool shake makes it so easy to tease! It gives me the perfect amount of volume that can always be made bigger if
needed. It stays in place all day also. I finish off my look with TIGI massive shine hairspray and I'm good to go! Thanks Redken!

Review by moth: I have long thick hair that has a tendency to get out of control and frizzy. This product has been a godsend, especially on the days I don't wash my hair. It gives it the sexy tousled beach look I love.
PROS: It doesn't take a whole lot of product to bring out the natural wave of my hair, it freshens up my waves on days I don't shampoo, and it smells nice.
CONS: If you don't have thick hair I don't know how this will work for you.
OVERALL: My must-have hair product!

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