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By Stella

which is the best lip gloss?Let's see the 3 recommended lip gloss !


L'Oreal HIP Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in Mystical (258)

Review by shelby1123: Wow, this is the opposite of most glosses. It doens't look so pigmented in the tube, but it is on the lips! I use just a dab of this dark pink, and it gives me enough color. I love the texture of these. They are sticky, think, and smooth. I know some people hate sticky lip glosses, but if you use just a dab, it's perfect and that's whta makes them long lasting!

Review by biomechmonster: LOVE this. Beautiful color and just a great product. It does feel a bit sticky but that would not deter me to not use the product. I bought this for 1 at Big Lots, but I would pay maybe 9 if I ever ran out. It's very comparable to a MAC gloss.

Review by nemomemo: A basic, neutral-red, almost plummy. It's hard to describe this color, other than it looks very natural while still providing a healthy dose of color. I love all of the hip glosses, and while this one is not exceptional (like coy and tempting), it's a no-brainer. Very easy and non-fussy.

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Stila Tangerine Lip Glaze

Review by blueaygi: I love this color - the MA in bloomingdales put this and gladiola CC on me yesterday, and I was shocked at how natural and flattering they looked! Tangerine is more orangey than I usually go for - normally I'm much more into pinks/plums due to slight yellow undertones in my fair skin - I can look washed out by anything w/ yellow. But not tangerine! It makes my eyes pop, and its very sexy and subtle on.
My complaint with this and all of Stilas lip glazes is the price, and the NASA-like technology which is probably half the reason for the price. I would prefer more product, in a regular tub or tube, and I'd like to keep at least some of my 24. You don't get very much product, and paying 24 for a lipgloss is a bitter pill to swallow. I'd love to try more of these, they're all beautiful - but I also like to pay my rent!

Review by mielr: Tangerine (along with Starfruit lipglaze) were among my very first lipglaze purchases! :) I am very happy with how this looks, and i love the *click click* twist top and brush applicator (although if you twist ONE too many times, too much product will come oozying out!). Tangerine is a lovely BRIGHT orange shade, that goes on my pigmented pink lips as a beautifully wearable peach color. What i adore so muc habout lipglazes is the smell of them, as well as the UBER shine it leaves (comparable to MAC lipglasses). I do find these very sticky, but i don't really midn that. Gives a very sexy pout :) I'm a huge fan! For reference, i'm an asian, NC30, yellow/olive toned gal.

Review by liselise1: I'm mostly a drugstore type of gal. However, I love this. The color, shine, and level of pigmentation are absolutely perfect for me. It's a medium red-peach glossy creme. No noticeable shimmer. Hair does stick to it on a windy day, but I will deal for this baby.

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Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Pur #2 - Pure Rose

Review by Graceteix: I saw this on a SA at Sephora. Thought it was lovely and asked her what it was. It provides that wet lip look which is so popular these days and I've been wanting to try.
I wasn't going to try it there, mainly because I find the Sephora near my home is not all that clean and sanitary, so I bought one.
It's expensive and when I tried the product on - my gosh, the taste of it is horrible. I can't describe what it is but it's very off putting.
This is a little tacky/stick as well. Which I don't like in a lip gloss and if you don't you may not like this.
Am returning it and won't purchase any of these again.

Review by kimmie578: Look, this is a nice lip gloss but it is not worth 30 at all. It looks exactly like Bourjois 3D Effet glosses but for over twice the price. I would much rather buy MAC's Dazzleglass or Too Faced gloss over this overpriced, over hyped gloss. Not worth it at all. The color is very very sheer and the reflect particles are so-so.

Review by nishie: I LOVE this gloss. All of the Gloss Pur's have quickly become my HG's. This is a lovely light pastel pink that goes on super smooth and doesn't contain the glitter and sparkles that everyone else seems to sell. They all have a wonderful melon flavor to them and although they don't last a super long time, it is pleasant enough where I don't mind having to reapply. I currently own #2, #3, #4, and the new #47 and #48. Love them all!!
The only downfall is I wish they were a little cheaper, but I figure...you pay for what you get and these are worth the pricetag!!

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